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Agroecology, an ecological approach to agriculture


About us

Agroecology farming is based on nurturing restored ecosystems to cultivate the most natural, nutrient-dense foods, as nature intended.  Casa del Sol was born from the urgent need for the communities of the earth to find more sustainable, healthy and loving ways to nourish ourselves, each other and the environment.

Agroecology utilizes the following 10 principles:

  1. Indigenous Knowledges

  2. Diversity

  3. Co-creation

  4. Circular and Solidarity Economy

  5. Recycling

  6. Responsible Governance

  7. Culture and Food Traditions

  8. Resilience

  9. Efficiency

  10. Synergies

More information on Agroecology, including these principles may be found on the United Nations division of Food and Agriculture site:

Organic, Soy-Free Eggs and CSA with pick up at Casa de Luz

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Volition to help on the farm? No experience required.  
Financial donations to the farm would be graciously accepted.  
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